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Premium Power Sweeping Range

Premium Rods
These are the Wakefield premium polypropylene rods with the high quality supremely engineered push button power sweeping connector. These connectors have a greater thickness and a superior click when put together. The thickness of the connector gives extreme strength and bearing surface to ensure a strong connection and a greater bearing surface during operation.

wakefield premium rod

These rods come in 3/4 and 7/8th inch thicknesses making them ideal for power sweeping of open fire flues and larger ingle-nook flues. Adaptors are available to enable them to be used for traditional sweeping with the Wakefield range of brushes. The connector is the same size and type as the solid nylon rods below enabling them to be combined where required.

wakefield brushes solid nylon rods

Solid Nylon Rods
With the same connectors described above these rods come in both 12mm and 15mm diameters and are flexible enough to be used to power sweep liners of all types. These are very flexible but strong rods which can be used in liners as small as 125mm in diameter while having the power to remove the most stubborn of deposits.

Drill Adaptor
Even the drill adaptor has been engineered with a series of flats to give a superior grip in the chuck of the drill.

wakefield brush drill adaptor
wakefiel bullet brush

Bullet brush
The solid metal centre to these power sweeping heads give an instant impression of quality and engineering.
The head has the ability to have additional sections added to make an even more powerful cleaning tool.
The whip lines are heavy duty and replaceable. The head can be taken apart to make the replacement easier and the engineering screw is external to ensure loosening and tightening are easy to do.
All the power sweep heads have a fully machined metal top which has a large radius dome section to ensure neither the head or the liner/chimney is damaged while the head passes up through the flue.

These come in two sizes;
14 inch – this has two layers of whip line as the standard of two different diameters giving a total of 16 whip lines.
26 inch – this has three layers of whip line in two different diameters to ensure that all surfaces of the flue are cleaned whether it is round or square and giving a total of 24 whip lines.

These are available In POWER SWEEPING SETS, one is a flue liner power sweeping set and the other contains all the power sweeping equipment needed to sweep liners and larger masonry or clay lined flues.
For more details of the kit contents please contact us on 0330 900 3001

wakefield bullet brush

Chain Whip
This is for when even the heavy duty whip line used in this system can not get the deposits out !

This head has the same engineering excellence as the bullet brushes above but this time has a set of chains to add power.

Traditional Sweeping Range

One of the special features of the Wakefield range of brushes is that each grade is colour coded making it easy to choose the right brush for the task ahead:
White – soft | Yellow – medium | Black – stiff | Red – super stiff.
All the grades come in all the sizes from 4” (100mm) through to 20” (500mm) in 2“ increases.

wakefield chimney brushes

There is a wide range of rods but the main stay is the premium rod range for the professional sweep. These rods are extra strong with thick brass ends with Universal thread that is double pinned. Sizes available are 7/8 and 3/4 inch in both three and four-foot lengths.

In addition, there is also the ½” Superflex nylon rods in 1m lengths produced especially for sweeping lined flues.
There is also light weight but very stiff Aluminium Rods designed for use in large ingle nook fireplaces.

wakefield chimney rods
wakefield adaptors

There is a of a range of adaptors including the following;
Universal male – ½ whitworth female
Universal female – ½ whitworth female
Power sweep female – Universal male

These include 20 inch and 30 inch sweeps hand brushes, winding handle, roller guide and guide balls, core balls, scrapers and much more. Give us a call for more details.


Flue Technology – tel: 0330 900 3001 – email: info@fluetechnology.co.uk


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