Sweeping Equipment

The new rod system is designed by RodStation and features a selection of hard anodised coloured ends to help sweeps easily identify which rods to use for different tasks and chimney systems.

FlueBoss Power Brushes
Our new Power sweeping  brushes start from 5” up to 24”
diameter and are available in 3 different grades of bristle from soft to hard. These come complete with the button lock connector so no adaptor is required.

FlueBoss Nylon Head
Available in four sizes. Overall diameter when spinning is 150mm, 300mm, 500mm or 600mm. Nylon can be replaced when worn.

Power Chain Head & Shaft
For removing heavy deposits including bird nests and tar. Not suitable for metal chimneys or liners. Available in two sizes. Overall diameter when spinning is 300mm or 500mm. Chain can be replaced when worn.
Power Chain Shaft can be used in between connecting rods or additionally with other power heads. Overall diameter when spinning is 500mm.

FlueBoss Cable Head
For removing heavy deposits including bird nests and tar. Not suitable for metal chimneys or liners. Available in three sizes: Overall diameter when spinning is 100mm,300mm or 500mm. Cable can be replaced when worn.

Drill Connector
Used to connect suitable drill to Powersweeping rod. With or without flat shank. .

Power Rod to Universal
For connecting power rods to standard universal 3⁄4 “.

Power Rod to Whitworth
For connecting power rods to Whitworth 1⁄2 “ rods and

Van Hanger
Suitable for securing brushes and heads to the interior of a van or wall.

HD Camera Kit – 8 LED


The RodStation HD Camera Kit – 8 LED is a high value chimney camera kit for those wishing to make a quick and simple CCTV evaluation of a chimney either prior to lining or fitting of a stove or just to ensure the removal of soot, tar or a nest has been successful.
The Kit contains everything needed to carry out a survey, in colour, and to record the results for storing or playing back to a client.

Kit contents:

  • Heavy duty Rodstation camera carry case
  • Camera ball with 4 x rigid and 4 x flexible adjustable arms
  • Camera
  • Free 16GB Micro SD Card
  • 7” HD LCD Display Monitor
  • USB Cable
  • AV-IN Cable / AV-OUT Cable
  • AC Adaptor
  • Adapter to 3⁄4 inch Universal Rods & button lock
  • Zoom in / Zoom out function
  • “Ball” housing to protect the camera featuring adjustable arms to aid the camera through
    the flue
  • New side rod mounting included, Ball diameter 2.5″ / 65mm
  • Quick fitting of camera ball to Whitworth rod or adaptor to Power sweeping rods
  • 90 ̊ field of view
  • 15 metres (50 l) of cable


  • 7 inch Colour LCD screen 
  • 3 Megapixel resolution
  • 9 hours recording time
  • Seamless loop recording
  • Photo function
  • Supports Micro SD Card for recording video and photo 

The RodStation Superbright HD Camera Kit has many additional features such as higher definition, a wider 120 Field of view and two sets of flexible centralising arms, one set 25cm and the other is 45cm. These additional features make it ideal for those larger flues.

Kit contents:
• Heavy duty camera carry case and instruction manual.
• Camera holder ball with 2 sets of flexible adjustable arms.
• HD Camera head with 16 extra bright LED lights.
• 7” HD LCD Display monitor complete with recording facility and Micro SD slot.
• 8 GB Micro SD card.
• 16 m of camera cable.
• USB Cable for connection to computer, AV in and AV out cables.
• Stereo earphone.
• AC Adaptor and charger.


• 5 Megapixel resolution on the colour monitor with a full 9 hour recording time with seamless loop recording on to an 8GB micro SD card and a full 6 hour battery life.
• Photo only function.
• 120 field of view camera and a variable angle camera holder to enable a greater visibility in a chimney.
• The camera has 16 extra bright LED lights and the holder ball has two sets of adjustable arms for use in larger flues.
• A quick fitting of the camera ball to whitworth rods and an adaptor to Universal rods as standard or using additional adaptors it can be used with vipers and SnapLok rods (not included).

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