CrownCoat® – Repairs Damaged Chimney Crowns – Maximum protection, guaranteed to last.

What is a Chimney Crown? – A chimney crown is a masonry roof that covers the top of your chimney. It prevents water from seeping into the masonry below. Water damaged or cracked chimney crowns can lead to costly chimney repairs.

The Crown Solution – CrownCoat is a flexible waterproof sealant that is applied over the entire chimney crown. A professionally installed CrownCoat application stops further water intrusion through the crown and carries a 15 year warranty

before crowncoat

CrownCoat is specifically formulated to withstand the severe weather and thermal stress to which chimneys are exposed.

after crowncoat

CrownCoat ® 15 year Warranty – SaverSystems warrants that CrownCoat Brushable Sealant, when used to coat or repair masonry chimney crowns, will remain intact and in place for 15 years from the date of application to a residential chimney crown according to label instructions when properly applied by a professional contractor. This warranty does not cover spalling, abrading, faulty construction and/or other defects which might erode coated surfaces.

If CrownCoat fails to perform as specified, SaverSystems will furnish, as sole remedy, enough CrownCoat to correct the condition. This warranty does not include labour or cost of labour for the application of CrownCoat. SaverSystems shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from any breach of this warranty and fitness for use. This warranty gives you specific legal rights.

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