cre-away pro

cre-away-proCre-Away Pro is a 4 component powder that safely and effectively modifies glazed or third-degree creosote so that it can be more effectively removed by chimney sweeping.

  • First – A reactive agent neutralizes the slightly acidic creosote making it less corrosive to metal components and less flammable.
  • Second – A dehydrator absorbs the oils and moisture contained in some forms of creosote.
  • Third – A combustion inhibitor helps reduce the chance of chimney fires.

Cre-away Pro – Finally, a magnesium catalyst helps break down third-degree creosote when the flue is heated by normal use.

Apply during the heating season to modify glazed creosote, making it easier to remove. Apply  Cre-Away after every cleaning to make any remaining stubborn deposits safer and to neutralize the acidity and odours from the creosote.

All chimneys should be inspected and/or cleaned annually by a qualified chimney sweep

  • Effective on All Types of Creosote  
  • Helps Prevent Chimney Fires
  •  Reduces Creosote Odours
  • Reduces Corrosion in Metal and Masonry Chimneys
  • Use With All Non- Catalytic Wood Burning Appliances and Fireplaces
  • Chimneys Clean Easier and More Completely When Swept

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